20 Colors Resin Colorant Glow Luminous Pigment for Resin Crafts

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Luminous resin pigment set in the form of liquid. You can mix it with another pigment(s) to achieve the desired color.

The design of the bottle mouth is convenient for you to add to the resin, and the dosage can be well controlled.

Quantity: Set of 20 bottles

Net Weight: 10 grams per bottles

Color: Green, Purple, Silver Black, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow, Apple Green, Light Purple, Crystal White, Orange, Rose Red, Gold, Red, Sapphire Blue, Jade White, White, Purple Red, Orange Yellow, Orange Red

Tips: The saturation is very good, add a small amount of pigment to the resin product you create one by one. Color depth depends on the amount you add.

Make glow in the dark tumbler, resin charms, volcano diorama, ceramic piece, jellyfish sculpture, ear gauges, gummy bears, soap, slime projects. Just let the color pigment exposed to UV lamp or light source for a few minutes and it will magically begins to glow in the dark!